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I want the 1am I can’t sleep text
I want the 2am I wish you were here text
I want the 3am sexual conversations
I want the 4am why am I still up text
I want the 5am we should probably sleep text
I want the 6am I can’t wait to see you later text
I want the 7am I didn’t sleep because of you text
I want the 8am come over for breakfast text
I want the 9am what are you doing text
I want the 10am jokes about us
I want the 11am laughing at everything
I want the 12pm talks about food
I want the 1pm lunch and movies
I want the 2pm kick about just us
I want the 3pm cuddles
I want the 4pm naps
I want the 5pm holding hands
I want the 6pm dinner dates
I want the 7pm sex
I want the 8pm walks
I want the 9pm kiss goodnight
I want the 10pm stop making me laugh text
I want the 11pm talks about life
I want the 12am facetime in the dark
I want you all day everyday for the rest of my life, I’m never gonna get bored of you and you’re the only one that makes me happy. Because I fucking love you.
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I really wish I could shake this feeling.


Brugge (by .natasha.)